Saturday, December 8, 2012


Today Saturday Dec 8th was supposed to be home pregnancy test day but I unexpectedly got a visit from AF on Thursday the 6th.  BFN Story of my life

Sunday, December 2, 2012

You know you have fertility issues when......

I took these from a few message boards that I read, thought I would share.  Funny and highly accurate. (Kinda sad)

You refer to your doctor as your "RE" and no one else has a clue what you are talking about.
Your months are split it two halves- before "O" and before "AF".
You know more about the male reproductive system than most men!
You pee on a stick more days than not.
You look like a junkie from all the blood draws.
It's no longer a big deal to have transvaginal ultrasound
It no longer bothers you to inject needles into that tender tummy.
You actually know your ovarian reserve.
RE bills are added to regular bills each month, there are so many.
You feel comfortable saying "cervical mucus"out loud.
You have more needles in the fridge than food You go to your doctors on a Saturday or Sunday
When your credit card statement has a charge for $4,000 for sperm vials.
You hope to O...meaning ovulate and not orgasm

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

IUI, here I come

Been a little behind on my updating but I want to jot this down mostly for my records.

Monday Nov 19 E2 222  Follistim 225units
Tuesday Nov 20 E2 261, 2 growing follicles.  One on left 16.5 and other on right at 17.5, Lining was 10, follistim 225units
Wednesday Nov 21  E2 298, left follicle 17.5 and right was 20, Lining almost at 11, follistim 225
Thursday Nov 22 Thanksgiving HCG trigger shot 8:30pm
Friday Nov 23rd, no shots
Sat Nov 24th, 8:30 IUI time!!!

Keeping fingers crossed, what other choice do I have

Monday, November 19, 2012

Free Card from Treat

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(I just noticed that for some reason this didn't post when it was supposed to. I had it scheduled for 11-19-12 at 12:12am)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Moving along nicely

Had blood work done today and got good news.  My E2 is rising nicely and I believe it was 62 or 69.  Nurse said that was a good # and I am responding well to Follistim.  They increased my daily dose to 225 units for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then back in Monday morning for another blood draw.  I am definitely feeling my ovaries growing, hoping for several large mature eggs by time of IUI.  Trying to remain positive and hopeful (but trying not to get my hopes up).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hoping 3rd times a charm???

I am on cycle day 3 today and doing my first IUI with injectables cycle.  Today my Estradiol level was at 29, FSH was 7 and lining was 3.7   I have 5 follicles on one side and 6 on the other.  Doctor seemed happy with these #'s and I was within normal range for my age.  Just got done with my first night of Follistim 150 units, and will do another 150 tomorrow night.  Bloodwork to be done Friday morning to check my Estradiol level again.  Here's to a successful cycle with a healthy baby at the end.  I am praying that God hears my prayers and that this IUI with injectables cycle is my miracle protocol to make me a Mom. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank the troops

Veterans Day is fast approaching and Shutterfly is offering a great promotion. Their goal is to send a thank you card to every American hero. Over 1.5 million troops serve our great nation. Many of them will be overseas, in harm’s way, and away from their families over this holiday season. All you have to do to help is go Here and select a design, add a photo or short note and Shutterfly will do the rest!  They will print and ship your card to the troops free of charge.

Let's say thank you and we are thinking of you over this holiday season!!!