Friday, September 17, 2010

IVF orientation, TET and Sonohysterography

Today we had our Ivf orientation from 830-1pm at Washington University.  Class was somewhat informative but I felt like since I had done so much reading and research on my own, that it didnt really help me.  But it had to be done before we can proceed with everything else and it was free.  Towards the end of the class, we had injection teaching.  All I can say is YIKES!!  I think the stomach ones wont be too terribly bad, but I am NOT looking forward to those.  At some point in the process, I will be giving myself 3 injections per day.  YUCK.  But if it gets us a baby, I will do anything.  We learned about how to draw up the injections with the drug, dispense the plunger and give ourself the injection.   Then we went upstairs to have our TET and Sonohysterography.  It all went great.  Dr Keller said my uterus, lining and ovaries look beautiful, which was a huge relief.  The procedures didnt hurt really, just cramping and then afterwards my lower back hurt a bit.  Guess it was from all the poking and prodding around.   All in all, it was a good day.  Now we wait till Oct 1st, for our consult with Dr Bullock and get DH surgery scheduled.  I cant move on with my stuff till DH has his surgery.  So now, we wait.  again

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tomorrow is orientation day

Well, I am sitting here on my couch waiting for Ryan to get home from work so we can head to St Louis.  We have our orientation tomorrow morning and then my trial embryo transfer and another test.  I am so nervous and excited in the same way.  I know it will be awhile before everything gets started, since Ryan has to have his procedure the TESE done.  I have to say I am scared about the injections.  I am thinking that I will be able to do the stomach injections, but the ones in the butt scare the crap out of me.  I am hoping Ryan is able to do them, he doesnt like to see me in pain.  Let alone be the cause of my pain.  But I love him very much and I have faith in him.  Well, hubby just got home.  Off to St. Louis.

Monday, September 13, 2010

good news

well, i found out today that i have prescription coverage under my major medical insurance plan. YIPPEE!!!
IVF is back on.  We have orientation on Thur Sept 16th.  I am so nervous about getting shot up with needles.  But I know it will all be worth it if this works.  I cant hardly believe that in a few short months I could be pregnant.  UNBELIEVEABLE

blood work & decision time

Well, where to start.  These past few days have been a trying time for DH and I.  I recently found out that my insurance will pay up to 80% of IVF coverage. YAH!!  Then the next day I found out I have NO prescription coverage for IVF meds. Which means we would have to pay for everthing approx 3000-4000 dollars for meds. BOO  We simply do not have the money.  So now, we are looking into a personal loan or a home equity line of credit.  If we cant get a loan, there will be no IVF for us.  I am so bummed I cant hardly stand it.  The thought of not having a baby with my husband is too much for me to bear.  All I have ever wanted was a family.  So now, our only option is donor sperm.  And I have thought long and hard about this, and I have no idea what to do.  DH is ok with it, bless his heart, but I just dont know.  I worry about all the things that could go wrong in the future using donor sperm.  Lord please help me and guide me to make the right decision for us all.
I went ahead and did my blood work today to check all my FSH and TSH levels.  Guess we will see how those come back.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Appointment down, many to go

Well, we had our appointment with Dr. Keller yesterday.  All in all, it went well.  My blood pressure was a little elevated 140/70 due to being nervous.  I got weighed and Ryan and I got our picture taken for our chart.  That way we arent just a name on a chart.  I have to say, I kinda thought that was neat.  Dr. Keller came in shortly after that and went over our only 2 options which is IVF or donor sperm.  I dont think I really want to do donor sperm, I want a child with my husband, I just wish it wasnt so hard.  We got alot of information to go over.  She gave me an order to have by blood drawn at Blessing on day 2,3,or 4 of my period and also gave me a script to put me on pre-natal vitamins.  Ryan has to have a procedure done called TESE.  Basically they go in surgically and remove sperm, then freeze them until my IVF cycle begins and we use them for implantation.    I am very excited to start this but also very nervous.  Cost is a big one, I am hoping our insurance pays for the majority of it.  Otherwise this will not even be possible.  So, the first thing we have to do is get an appt set with Dr. Bullock who will perform Ryan's procedure.  Hopefully I can get that done later today.  So, still waiting, but that is ok.  At least we know what we are in for.