Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Appointment down, many to go

Well, we had our appointment with Dr. Keller yesterday.  All in all, it went well.  My blood pressure was a little elevated 140/70 due to being nervous.  I got weighed and Ryan and I got our picture taken for our chart.  That way we arent just a name on a chart.  I have to say, I kinda thought that was neat.  Dr. Keller came in shortly after that and went over our only 2 options which is IVF or donor sperm.  I dont think I really want to do donor sperm, I want a child with my husband, I just wish it wasnt so hard.  We got alot of information to go over.  She gave me an order to have by blood drawn at Blessing on day 2,3,or 4 of my period and also gave me a script to put me on pre-natal vitamins.  Ryan has to have a procedure done called TESE.  Basically they go in surgically and remove sperm, then freeze them until my IVF cycle begins and we use them for implantation.    I am very excited to start this but also very nervous.  Cost is a big one, I am hoping our insurance pays for the majority of it.  Otherwise this will not even be possible.  So, the first thing we have to do is get an appt set with Dr. Bullock who will perform Ryan's procedure.  Hopefully I can get that done later today.  So, still waiting, but that is ok.  At least we know what we are in for.

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