Friday, September 17, 2010

IVF orientation, TET and Sonohysterography

Today we had our Ivf orientation from 830-1pm at Washington University.  Class was somewhat informative but I felt like since I had done so much reading and research on my own, that it didnt really help me.  But it had to be done before we can proceed with everything else and it was free.  Towards the end of the class, we had injection teaching.  All I can say is YIKES!!  I think the stomach ones wont be too terribly bad, but I am NOT looking forward to those.  At some point in the process, I will be giving myself 3 injections per day.  YUCK.  But if it gets us a baby, I will do anything.  We learned about how to draw up the injections with the drug, dispense the plunger and give ourself the injection.   Then we went upstairs to have our TET and Sonohysterography.  It all went great.  Dr Keller said my uterus, lining and ovaries look beautiful, which was a huge relief.  The procedures didnt hurt really, just cramping and then afterwards my lower back hurt a bit.  Guess it was from all the poking and prodding around.   All in all, it was a good day.  Now we wait till Oct 1st, for our consult with Dr Bullock and get DH surgery scheduled.  I cant move on with my stuff till DH has his surgery.  So now, we wait.  again

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  1. Hey, there! Justine gave me your info, Shawna. My name is Beth and I know EXACTLY what you are going through.

    I had an IVF baby almost five months ago. Although...she is not an IVF baby in title to me. She is merely, "a baby girl." In other words? Who cares how she got here. She is wonderful and delicious and everything.

    Your job sounds really cool and your husband sounds like a dream. Now, I have to tell you, your future child will take all of that to a whole new level.

    I am really proud of you for doing this blog.

    The stomach shots are a LOT easier than they look. In fact, the injection process becomes more comfortable after the first time you do it. NOT kidding.

    Poking and prodding will NEVER end. Wait til the pregnancy...more poking and prodding. :)

    Anyway. Please write me at Or come read my website at

    You got this. You do. It's in the bag. But as easy as I make it sound, I know it is not. It's a process.

    Here's to you!

    xo B