Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good News

DH had his appt with the dr who is going to perform his TESE.  He says everything is a go on his end.  He has absolutely no doubt that he can get sperm from DH.  He says he should have excellent sperm due to the fact that he has fathered 3 children.  His procedures can either be done the same day as my ER or it can be done ahead of time and will be frozen until I need it.  That is a huge relief.  It will actually be performed in the same room as I will have my ER.  Sweet, he will get to see it first and let me know if it is scary.  All I have to do now is schedule DH's surgery and then decide when I want to start my part, like the BCP's and injections.  Man, this is getting to be much more of a reality!!!

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