Friday, October 22, 2010

New Blogs=New Friends

I just wanted to add a new post to my blog.  I had originally thought that I would only use my blog from DH's and I's doctor visits, IVF related  things and such along those lines.  But now I am finding that I want to document EVERYTHING. And that includes all the great ladies I have been talking to on here, especially Erin at Ridin With The Robertsons and Annonymous at Crossing my fingers but not my legs.  They both have been so kind and I love their blogs. Both so open and honest in their posts.  I cannot describe how nice and comforting it is to know that I am not alone in this adventure and have ladies to turn to if I need to talk.  I am hoping to find many more people to follow on their journey and have them follow mine.  It is nice to know that we arent alone, right?????


  1. Amen sista friend! If it weren't for the venting on my blog and the mostly positive comments or encouragement from my bloggy friends, I'd go crazy!!! BTW, you can call me Al. ;)

  2. Shawna-Im glad you found me on here and Ive been able to give you some guidance! I hope this blog turns into a wonderful outlet and source of support for you.