Sunday, November 28, 2010

St Louis, Here We Come

I wanted to write this post today. I am at work for 16 hours, get off at 0630 monday morning, then home to sleep.  As soon as DH gets home from work, we will hit the road.  Off to St Louis to spend the night before surgery day Tuesday.  We have to be there at 0630 hrs and DH is scheduled for surgery at 0700hrs for his TESE.  This marks the "official" first step towards baby.  I couldnt be more excited.  He on the other hand, is VERY nervous about getting his balls cut open again. lol


  1. I hope we get to meet up tomorrow! Crossing my fingers for you and your hubs!

  2. Goodluck with the surgery...and hope hubs isnt to tramatized...I know my hubby would be freaking out

  3. Safe travels!! And GOOD LUCK! This is one HUGE step forward, Im thrilled for you!