Friday, November 5, 2010

Wishing for a money tree

Well, we finally got the invoice for DH's upcoming TESE.  Ka-Chunk  I have been trying for about a week now to find out the approx cost for my first round of meds from WU.  Playing phone tag between WU and my insurance and myself and getting called back during the day while I sleep, it has been exhausting.  But I actually think I have a general figure to get the loan for.  So, now I will get the loan and prepare for the 2 largest debit card purchases to EVER hit my account. LOL  I hope my bank approves them!  So after that, I just have to wait on AF for November and then call WU to get put on the cycle list for December.  Holy crap, that is soon. I am just excited to finally be doing something productive

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  1. I think I wrote a blog post with this exact same title! Yeah, it's totally sucky but I like how it's not the entire lump sum at once...doesn't hurt as much when it's broken up! I thought the lab was closed in December for deep cleaning and all that? They made a big stink about it with me about that. How exciting...this will be the only month that you'll be like...come on Flo!!! Get your a$$ here!