Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back to the Land of the Living

Wow, what a rough week it has been.  Finally got the results back of my ultrasound, my gallbladder and pancreas came back normal.  My liver came back as "increased liver activity with elevated liver enzymes" but they said it was nothing to worry about.  I wonder if God just gave me this as a distraction from getting ready to START IVF IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!  Holy crap.  If AF behaves, she should arrive on Friday the 17th and hopefully BCP's this coming week.  Very excited, very scared, and very nervous!!  Getting closer to our dream....


  1. Glad you're okay! Did you talk to Dr. K about what's going on? Come on Flo-hurry up and get here!!! It seems like forever ago when I was wishing Flo here to start our journey. Keep me posted on visits so we can meet up!

  2. Glad that things are OK:) Afte my first IVF I had to have my gallbladder removed and while they were in there they took my appendix too....they actually did US of my gallbladder to check for stones and that came back negative then they did a test where they activated it with a certain medication and took x-ray pics during the test...to see at what percent it was functioning at and thats where the issue was so therefore I had to have it removed:) So if you end up having anymore issues suggest they test the function of it but if no more issue that would be awesome!!!!