Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 Shots A Night.... Oi vey!!!

I had an appointment in STL this morning (Monday) for blood work.  I drove down last night (Sunday) due to the amount of snow and freezing rain they were to get.  Woke up at 4am, couldn't sleep, so I proceeded to keep myself glued to the news and weather.   Black ice.  GREAT!!!  Took me about 45 min to get to the clinic on what should have been about a 20 min drive.  In and out of the clinic in 5 minutes.  Then I made my 2 1/2 hour trek home.  I wish I lived closer or could do blood work here in my hometown.  The driving is gonna wear me down I can tell.  Well, I got the call from Amy, the nurse, about 130pm.  My E2 went up to 70.  She said that was good but not great.  They were hoping for it to be a little higher. (Last Wed it was 29).  So they are decreasing my Follistim from 225iu to 150 iu for Monday and Tuesday and adding in 150iu of Menopur.  Great, double dose of the horror medicine Menopur right off the bat.  Not the way I was hoping to start my 3 injections a night.   So, 6pm came and I got the Lupron and Follistim done with no problem.  Then the trouble started.  Was watching my video on how to draw up the Menopur and was having trouble with the liquid and getting the right amount of the diluent in the syringe.  I was already a basket case so that didn't help at all!!!  Then I get to the point of drawing up the extra vial of powder.  Now, I begin wondering if I was to draw up 2 ML of diluent first instead of just 1 since I was using 2 vials of powder??? I couldn't find the answer anywhere.  So I finally decided to call the pharmacy.  They stated I did it correctly by only drawing up 1 ML since it is a sub-q injection.  The medicine part is actually the powder.  So, I injected it into my belly and pushed in the meds VERY slowly.  Didn't hurt really at all.  Afterwards I noticed I had a little bit of liquid still left in the vial. A tiny bit, I hope that was ok.  If I am paying a small fortune for this, I want all the drug.  Last night during my Lupron shot, I got my first bruise.  Wondering if my stomach is finally getting ticked at me and gonna start bruising now.  I go back to STL on Wednesday for just blood work again, then prob back Friday for blood work and ultrasound, then possibly back Saturday.  Yikes, I am drained just thinking about it.  I have to admit, up until yesterday, I was thinking the whole process was fairly easy, now today I am a wreck.  I think the meds are catching up with me.  I feel like I am going to bawl my eyes out at any given moment and plus getting the results today that my E2 isn't as high as it should be is really bothering me.  I know it is so early in my cycle, but I am terrified.  This HAS to work.  It is our ONLY chance at kids.  We wont have the money to do it again.  Thank God tonight is my last night at work until Feb 9th, I will need that time to get through this.

Question for all you ladies-  Every time I inject a drug, I always leave the needle in my belly for at least 5 seconds after the injection before I pull it out.  Well about the last 4 days or so, some of the drug is coming out on my belly.  Is this normal?  How do I keep it from happening??  HELP!!!!


  1. I was told by my nurse it is normal and you shouldn't worry. I had some come out too with my trigger injection. apparently its a miniscule amount and nothing to worry about

  2. I think it's normal, just put pressure on afterwards. I was on 300iu of menopur a night, so 4 powders but I only ever used one little vial of water. There was always a tiny amount left in the vial after drawing it out, so frustrating.
    Hope things go well for you, as you said, it's early days.

  3. When using mutiple vials of powder (Menopur, Repronex) you should only need 1cc of the diluent. It sounds like you've got the hang of it though. And yeah, the stuff will come out a little, even if you keep the needle in 5 seconds. No way to avoid it, I've found.

    I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts!

  4. Hey! Saw you called last night and I called you back, hope you weren't sleeping. I hate Menopur and the mixing (as I've stated before!). Anyways, I had the same leaking issue. Make sure you are pinching, that's what a couple nurses told me and that fixed the problem. Woohoo for all the time off! Let me know if you're in town this Friday because I'm off work so maybe we could meet up for breakfast instead of lunch. ;)

  5. I know what you are going through....I was a mess during stims last week. Hang in there!! Don't worry that some of the liquid comes out on your belly after you pull the needle out. The same thing happened to me each time...I don't think there is much you can do about it. Just make sure you leave the needle in for at least 5 seconds after the injection. My nurse said we are less likely to bruise if the needle is left in for a few secs and you don't pull the liquid back through. But, if it happens...nothing to worry about!

  6. SOunds like you are doing everything right!