Friday, January 7, 2011

It's All Mind Over Matter

Well, last night I had my first ever injection in my stomach. Lupron 20 units.  I am to continue that same dose until my doctors appointment on the 19th and then hopefully start stimming.  For those of you that don't know, I work midnights at my job so I sleep in the daytime.  So my shot time of 6pm-7pm is sometimes less than ideal.  For this first shot, I had my husband wake me up at 530pm so I had plenty of time to wake up, watch the video a couple times, take my pictures with my drugs and set everything up.  I thought that would be the perfect allotment of time so that I didn't have too much time to freak out.  I was pretty calm, just kept telling myself I could do it, lots of women do it and this is what it takes to make a baby.  Got everything done and was sitting at table at 5:57pm.  OK, almost time.  Had my trusty laptop in front of me and all my necessities.  DH is videotaping and taking pictures.  I was very thorough, watching video and pausing, following my instructions, watching video, then pausing again.  So I have the ampule inverted, needle in, drug in needle, no air bubbles, pull out the needle and SQUIRT. Bunch of drug drains out. WTF, that doesn't happen in the video.  It is NOT supposed to happen like that.  I see my dollars laying on the table.  If I thought I could lick it up and it would work, I would have done it.  OK, minor freak out.  Continue with instructions, re-cap needle, swab belly, wait for it to dry, pick up needle, pull cap off, pinch fat roll, get ready to inject and then I FREEZE.  I still can't believe I am doing this.  Or that I have to do this.  I kid you not, I held that needle in my hand for 12 minutes.  DH is talking to me, being supportive and I tell him to stop talking. Nice huh.  I just needed quiet.  Needed time to think.  But that was the problem, too much thinking and not enough doing.  I start to feel nauseous, hot, like I am gonna be sick.  I start pacing around the room and then finally just go for it.  The piercing of the skin hurt the worse.  The actual needle going in didn't hurt a bit.  I thought the Lupron had a slight sting to it, but not bad.  PRAISE THE LORD I DID IT!!!  My first shot is over.  I sit down in the living room and begin to inspect the area like a mad woman.  It did bleed, went from a tiny bee sting bump to a half dollar size bump and then proceeded to break out in a hive like state.  So, by then I had had enough.  I went back to bed till 9pm, then got up and all is good.  No bump, no redness.  So, I survived my first shot.  I know tomorrow will be easier. (or at least that is what I am telling myself.)  I know what to expect now.  I will be a big girl and suck it up and make my baby!!!
I leave you with the obligatory pictures of my drugs.


  1. Yeah you did it!!!! I knew you could:) Now each one will get easier and easier I promise.

  2. Once you get past that first one it's so much easier! Every subsequent shot will become routine. Just remember to do it the same every time. I didn't let the alcohol dry enough so that's why I got the bee sting bumps. At this point I'm preferring the Lupron shots because they're so easy! Congrats on starting your cycle!!!

  3. One down and many more to go...on your way to have a baby!!!