Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Problems with Menopur

First off, I have to say, that injecting the Menopur is not the problem.  It hasnt burned at all going in. YET.  My problem is the drawing up.  Last night I used the Q-caps.  I had problems getting the exact amount of diluent in the syringe.  The stopper inside, I felt like kept moving, which made it difficult to get the exact 1cc of diluent.
Well tonight, I decided to use the regular needles.  I got the 1cc of diluent drawn up with no problem.  Then I injected the diluent into the powder.  The powder dissolved, but the so did the rest of the liquid.  Wierdest thing!!!  I tried drawing up what little liquid was in there and it was basically a tiny drop.  There was no way that was enough of the meds to inject.  I thought maybe there was a clog in the needle but there wasnt.  I didnt know what else to do.  So I started over completely with new vials and used the Q-caps.  Then everything went smoothly.  But I am out 2 vials of powder.  Which is alot of moolah.  I called the pharmacy and talked to the tech and she said that she has heard of that happening and suggested I call the manufacturer.  There might have been a problem with the actual vial or powder.  I put in a call to Ferring and am waiting for a call back.  Hoping for a reimbursement but who knows.

Anyone else had similar problems????


  1. I'd lose a little bit of the liquid amount when redrawing the liquid, but not that much. Strange.

  2. Oh boy girlie sounds like your having one hell of a time...Im sorry:( Gosh I used Menopur for a couple of cycles and never had that happen but I will say I did loose a little liquid between x-fer the liquid bottle to bottle but it was almost the correct amt...As far as liquid coming out maybe sometimes I have like a drop but nothing more than that of the sub q...but when I had to do the IM progesterone I noticed that they would leak a little more...I guess maybe if your having more than a drop of liquid coming back out I would call your office...Well I hope the rest of the week is better...Thats why they call IVF a rollercoaster ride ups and downs...It really is a nerve racking process:( But you will make it!!!

  3. Hi Shawna!
    I have never heard of that - it is really weird. Hopefully they give you your money back!
    good luck with the rest of stimming!

  4. Oh no! How strange! I didn't have that happen so can't give any advice. I hope the manufacturer has some answers for you and you are able to get a refund!

  5. So sorry about this and that I wasn't much help! Hopefully you'll get your money back. Check out my blog-I left you an award!

  6. Hello there! I found your blog when I googled about menopur. My doctor prescribed 3 vials of menopur a day for me. (I will take it in March)Wondering if it is too high of a dose. Hopefully, the manufacturer will get back to you soon. Good luck with your ER on Monday!