Monday, January 10, 2011


After you started Lupron, how many days before you felt side effects and also what were they???  My tummy is a little tender, kinda feels like hunger pains and makes me feel like I just want to eat, but can't hardly eat.  Few bites and I am done.
Last night was my 4th night of injections.  Like all my bloggie friends said, they are going smoothly.  Not bothering me really at all now.    Thinking that the Follistim and Menopur I will be taking will be worse.  I mean, how exactly did your body feel when you started stimming???


  1. Hi Shawna- This is my first IVF cycle and I've been on Lupron for a week. I started feeling the side-effects about 3 days ago (so after about 4 days of Lupron.) I've been having minor hot-flashes, headachy (not full-on headache, just like the beginnings,) fatigued, and a bit of a tummy aches. I'll be starting Follistim and Menopur later this week....I am hoping that goes well for both of us!!!

  2. Suppression side effects seemed to start after about 3 days of injections. I have hot flushes, light headed spells and minor headaches.
    The stims made me feel bloated and I had some pain in my ovaries and loose bowels (sorry about TMI!)

    Pleased injections are going well though. x

  3. Maybe that's why mine didn't work, I never really felt any side effects, hmm...

  4. When I was on Lupron I just had headaches and some hot flashes/flushed cheeks all the time but never stomach pains....and with Menopur and Bravelle they didnt do anything to me other than when I would get closer to Egg Ret I just started to feel full and bloated because of all the eggs:) I think once your off the lupron you will feel better