Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SHHH!!! My Ovaries Are Sleeping

Today was my first appointment since I started injections.  Ovaries are all quiet, which is exactly what we wanted.  Was a little nervous during the scan because the tech was prodding around with the Dildo Cam and asked if they have trouble finding my right ovary.  UMM, NO!!!!   Finally after some more pressure, she located it.  "Oh, it was just hiding," she states.  Dont do that to an infertile!!!  I was wondering if the Lupron had done away with my ovary.  Thank Goodness she found it. LOL 
Anyways, I got the call this afternoon my bloodwork came back great.  So we are set to start stimming on Friday.  Today and tomorrow I continue with 20 units Lupron.  Friday, DH and I both take our antibiotic, then I decrease Lupron to 10 units for the remainder of my cycle and add in 225iu of Follistim.  That continues over the weekend, the back to STL for bloodwork monday morning.  Then monday night should be adding the dreaded Menopur that I have heard everyone talking about.


  1. It was GREAT to meet you today!!! Don't freak about the menopur, just remember no Q-cap!

  2. Good luck with everything! I didn't have any problems with menopur so hope you don't either :)