Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tonight was MUCH Better

Tonight's Lupron shot went much better than last night.  Total time from start to finish was 4 minutes.  And I didnt lose any drug when I pulled the needle out of the vial.  And no bruising, yet.  So maybe, just maybe, I might be getting the hang of this. LOL  I am just so stinking excited to be finally doing something.  6pm-7pm is my new favorite time of the day.

- P.S.  Alyssa, I just stuck it!!!!  lol


  1. Yah for just sticking it!!! lol Like I've said before, this will be second nature before you know it.

  2. OMG I miss just doing the Lupron. I feel like stimming is a cross between training for a marathon and running the actual marathon itself. So I know it sounds weird, but enjoy the Lupron now Shawna and I'm so glad it's getting easier!