Saturday, January 22, 2011

We have started stimming.......

Well, tonight we have started stimming.  I have to say, it went better than I expected.  I almost forgot about lowering my Lupron dose from 20 to 10.  Been doing 20 for so long!! lol  Well, I watched the injection video on how to inject Follistim and was kinda nervous since I heard that it has been nicknamed Follisting.  I got everything ready to go, did my Lupron and then my Follistim.  I actually didn't even feel the needle going in during the Follistim.  Medicine didn't bother me either.  However I did notice that after about 2 minutes, my belly kinda ached.  Nothing horrible though and definitely manageable.  Tonight and tomorrow I continue the same regimen of 10 Lupron and 225 Follistim and then back to STL on Monday for blood work.  Kinda dreading that cuz it is a 2 1/2 hour drive each way for a probably 5 minute appointment and the weather is to be crappy.  May try to go down Sunday night and spend the night but not sure yet.


  1. Yay to starting stims! It's progress!
    Hope all is well on monday

  2. Follistim was a little tricky I always worried about what to do if I went past my mark and how to reset it so I wouldnt waste a bunch of medicine...but luckily I never went over and I never had any stinging so hopefully you wont either:)

    I hope the weather holds out for you and that you get good news at your Dr's:))))

  3. Heck yeah - stimming! You're getting so close...also the drive can suck so I'll hope you have no weather issues!

  4. I didnt mind Follistim too much, either. Glad it went well for you. I hope your appointment brought you the results you were hoping for!