Monday, April 25, 2011


Guess I will test in a few days again.  I have 6 days before my scheduled period.  But today is 14dpDIUI.

***UPDATE***  AF arrived this afternoon.  Guess it is round 2 for us starting today.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is the pregnancy test.  Hoping for the best, but trying to prepare myself for the worst.  Hurts too bad to get my hopes up.  Have been having cramps like crazy for past few days.  Better not be the B**CH AF!! lol

For my records:  Had progesterone check done on 4-18-11  9.9  Nurse said that was good.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Donor IUI- DH and I were both patients!!!

OK, I will tell you a funny story but I have to go in order of events, so bear with me.  We arrived around 11 for insemination.  After about 45 min, we were taken back into a room.  The nurse went over all the paperwork and legal business.  I verified the tube with the donor number, my name and doctors name.  She stated that pre-wash it had a count of 40 million. Post wash 10.6.  I was a little disappointed in the number, but trying to stay positive and know it only takes 1.  Things are very different this time around. For example- I go in one week from today for a progesterone check, then the following Monday I take a home pregnancy test.  No blood draw to see if pregnant.  That is weird for me. 
Next I assume the position on the table, feet in stirrups. DH stands up by my head and is holding my hand.  My mom came along to for the experience so she is holding my other hand.  She inserts the speculum and sure enough, my cervix is being difficult again.  She cant get to it to move it and insert the catheter.  She tries for about 3-4 minutes.  I am keeping my eyes shut and trying to relax and focus on my breathing.  Then I realize hubby isn't holding my hand anymore.  I start to move my hand thinking maybe they just came un-connected, but nothing.  So I open my eyes and poor hubby is leaning against the wall, eyes closed, white as a ghost!!  I ask him if he is OK and he doesn't respond.  That gets the nurses attention and she realizes he is about to pass out.  We had all been pre-occupied with my lady parts no one was paying attention to him.  So she stops what she is doing and tries to help him to a chair.  He stumbles and I am worried he will fall on me.  I can't move because I am still spread open with mechanical devices hanging out of me.  He finally gets to the chair and puts his head between his legs.  The nurse comes back to me, but by then I no longer have my inner calm.  I can't relax and it is making her job very difficult.  She tries for still another 5 min or so and then tells me it isn't working and she has to get a doctor and they will use this tool to "pop" open my cervix to move it to put in the catheter.  UMM NO THANK YOU!!  They stated I would feel a pinch from the inside.  So now I am even more jittery.  Between watching my poor hubby and knowing I am going to get pinched from the inside, I start to shake. Bad.  Doctor comes in and I ask her to try once without the tool.  She pushed and finally got it in without using the dreaded tool, but she wasn't very gentle.  Oh well, at least no pinch on the inside.  The inch of 10.6 million sperm goes inside of me in less than 5 seconds or so and she starts taking out all the goods.  I lay on the table for about 15 min and both hubby and I make our way out.  Glad that is over!!!  Now the 2WW.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Morning of the Happy Face

This morning I got my smiley face on my OPK.  So that means tomorrow I will be down in St Louis bright and early for my IUI with donor sperm.  So excited!!!!  I had been trying to stay busy and not focus too much on my BFN I got doing IVF with DH's sperm.  It about killed me.  I am much more easy going this time around, havent been reading everything under the sun and definitely havent gotten completely consumed in this.  (not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing) Ha.  My hubby may think that is a good thing cuz I am sure I am not as much of a Bitch as I was during injectibles. LOL.  But honestly, I am super stoked about starting something again tomorrow.  I was wishing my smiley face I got this morning would have been on a home pregnancy test and not my OPK, but I will take what I can get at this point.  So, pray for me that I will be one of the lucky ones and get preggo on my first IUI!!!!