Monday, October 3, 2011

Our New Adventure

August 20, 2011 our new adventure began.  We have started Pride classes to become licensed foster parents.  We live in Illinois and they require 27 hours (9 weeks) of classes in order to become licensed.  Our classes end on Oct 22 2011 and as long as we pass our homestudy (which I dont think will be a problem) we will be licensed.  In class, we have covered everything from "Why do we want to be foster parents, the history of our family, how we have dealt with loss, meeting developmental needs in children, and discipline and punishment.  Saturday marks our 7th week and we will be discussing maintaining family relationships and terminating parental rights.  I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks, I think it will really start to get exciting.  At our last class, the licensing workers will be there to answer all of our questions.  At that point DH and I will have to have a firm grasp and understanding of what exactly we are wanting.  We dont care about the sex of the child, but we definately want an infant, the younger the better.  And we would take sibling groups or singles, and probably 2 children to start out with.  We can always change our mind or if they have 3 siblings that need placement we would consider taking all 3.  I will update as I know more.
In other IF news, I spoke to my doctor about doing our last IUI.  I explained that this would more than likely be our last try and I wanted to do everything possible to increase my chances without costing me thousands of dollars.  We are going to do 200 mg of Clomid daily and do a trigger shot for ovulation.  The previous 2 IUI's were just Clomid, no shots.  I also found a complete box of Menopur leftover from my failed IVF that hasnt expired yet so I am going to ask about taking the Clomid and doing a week of injections of Menopur to increase the size of my follicles. (If that is even possible or not, I am not sure.)


  1. How exciting! I wish you the best with the IUI and completing the program!!

  2. All sounds really great. Im glad you have found the right path for you at the moment. It all must be so exciting, and what a great thing you are doing, there are many needy kids out there. Wishing you all the luck in the world