Wednesday, November 21, 2012

IUI, here I come

Been a little behind on my updating but I want to jot this down mostly for my records.

Monday Nov 19 E2 222  Follistim 225units
Tuesday Nov 20 E2 261, 2 growing follicles.  One on left 16.5 and other on right at 17.5, Lining was 10, follistim 225units
Wednesday Nov 21  E2 298, left follicle 17.5 and right was 20, Lining almost at 11, follistim 225
Thursday Nov 22 Thanksgiving HCG trigger shot 8:30pm
Friday Nov 23rd, no shots
Sat Nov 24th, 8:30 IUI time!!!

Keeping fingers crossed, what other choice do I have

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